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Type Blog is a blog dedicated to Typography. It addresses topics regarding the typeface design process, font design, and typography. Type Blog is a work of the typeface designer Alex John Lucas.

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How to Draw Beautiful Bezier Curves

Drawing Bézier Curves can be hard. Learn the three rules to draw great Bézier Curves

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FontLab vs Robofont vs GlyphsApp

What is the best typeface design software for me? A common question from people starting out in typeface design is: “Which software should I purchase?” Take a quiz that will show you which type design software is best for you!

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How Artificial Intelligence is being used in typography

Artificial Intelligence is being used to improve every industry, including typography. In typography designers and companies alike are researching methods of how they can put computers to work to make everything from pairing fonts to kerning easier. 

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Reflecting on Designing a Typeface: Robert III

I have spent months developing my latest typeface, Robert III. While there is still a lot of work to be done it is always good to take time and reflect on what you have done and what you have learned.

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Best Places Online to Learn about Typeface Design

Finding tools online about typeface design can be easy. I have compiled a list of the best blogs, websites, and resources for typography and typeface design.

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30 Great Free Fonts

Designers are always searching for the next best typeface that they can use for their project. But sometimes you and your client don’t have the budget to purchase a new typeface for your project. So here is a list of the best typefaces that are online and can be used for both display and text.

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Spacing an Italic Typeface

Spacing a font can be difficult and frustrating. Learn a trick that makes spacing an italic typeface 100 times easier.

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