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Type Blog is a blog dedicated to Typography. It addresses topics regarding the typeface design process, font design, and typography. Type Blog is a work of the typeface designer Alex John Lucas.

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Best Places Online to Learn about Typeface Design

Finding tools online about typeface design can be easy. I have compiled a list of the best blogs, websites, and resources for typography and typeface design.

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Spacing an Italic Typeface

Spacing a font can be difficult and frustrating. Learn a trick that makes spacing an italic typeface 100 times easier.

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5 Tips To Designing A Typeface Like A Pro

Are you starting to design a typeface? Check out these 5 shortcuts that will make your workflow faster and more efficient.

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Best Fonts You’ve Never Heard Of

Most designers end up using the same fonts for every project. This is an ongoing list of fonts you have probably never heard of but should be using in your designs.

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Typeface Design Reading list

Books on designing typography are difficult to come by. This is an ongoing list of the best books and articles about typeface design.

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Sketching a Typeface

How do you begin to design a typeface? This is a general overview of how to begin to sketch a typeface.

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Font Pairing Guide

Ever had problems deciding how to pair fonts? This blog post and and infographic provide an easy introduction to pairing fonts.

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Welcome to Type Blog

Welcome to Type Blog. A place where Alex John Lucas shares information about designing typefaces, and typography at large.

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3 Steps to Start Designing Typefaces

These are the 3 steps that I use when I begin to design a new typeface.

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