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Type Blog is a blog dedicated to Typography. It addresses topics regarding the typeface design process, font design, and typography. Type Blog is a work of the typeface designer Alex John Lucas.

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How to Make an Italic

An important part of designing a typeface is to create an italic that goes along with the roman. Learn how to design and italic typeface.

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Breaking down Typographic Inspiration

Existing typefaces often are one of the biggest sources of inspiration for designing a new typeface, therefore analyzing existing typefaces offers a deeper understanding of how type is constructed. Learn two methods of how I break down typographic inspiration for my designs.

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Creating Bold and Light Weights

Changing the weight of your typeface can seem a daunting task. This guide will offer some tips and important information to know before jumping into creating bold and light weights.

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Do We Really Need Another Helvetica?

Every designer has an opinion on Helvetica. With the release of Monotypes Helvetica Now we discuss whether the world really needs another version of Helvetica?

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5 Tips To Designing A Typeface Like A Pro

Are you starting to design a typeface? Check out these 5 shortcuts that will make your workflow faster and more efficient.

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Best Fonts You’ve Never Heard Of

Most designers end up using the same fonts for every project. This is an ongoing list of fonts you have probably never heard of but should be using in your designs.

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Typeface Design Reading list

Books on designing typography are difficult to come by. This is an ongoing list of the best books and articles about typeface design.

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Digitizing a Typeface: Part 1

Wanting to design a typeface? This series of articles provides insight into all of the tips and trick you need to begin digitizing a typeface. It is a step by step instruction, with some inside tips, on how to take your drawings and turn them into digital drawings for your typeface.

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Designing a Script You can't Read

By designing for typographic scripts that I can’t read I have learned about typeface design, and become a better typeface designer because of my experiences.

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Sketching a Typeface

How do you begin to design a typeface? This is a general overview of how to begin to sketch a typeface.

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Font Pairing Guide

Ever had problems deciding how to pair fonts? This blog post and and infographic provide an easy introduction to pairing fonts.

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Welcome to Type Blog

Welcome to Type Blog. A place where Alex John Lucas shares information about designing typefaces, and typography at large.

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3 Steps to Start Designing Typefaces

These are the 3 steps that I use when I begin to design a new typeface.

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